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Mr. Rooter Drain Cleaning of San Diego County understands that all of the drains in your house have many jobs to do, from taking clean water into your home to taking discarded water and debris away from it. They can easily get clogged or damaged from the steady amount of work they do almost constantly to keep your home functioning well. A small clog may not seem like a big issue, but leaving it untreated can sometimes turn into a much bigger predicament. The same goes for leaks. They may seem like a small thing, but they can quickly lead to busted pipes or damage to your homes structure. Attempting to fix your drain problems by yourself may temporarily solve the clog or leak, but it is usually a symptom of a bigger issue.

Our kitchen drains need to provide us with a constant flow of clean water and an efficient way of sending dirty water away quickly and without thought. However, due to endless usage and a multitude of substances from food to grease to soap, they tend to form a buildup over time and cease to flow as easily as they should. Kitchen drains should be cleaned routinely to avoid this buildup and to make sure your water is clean and safe for all your needs.

Bathroom drains have a lot to contend with as well. Everything you send down the sink can cause a buildup of grime within the pipes and can cause slow draining and clogs. Hair, soap, dirt and toothpaste are all matters that lead to problems and can eventually cause pipes to corrode or break altogether. If you ever accidentally drop a piece of jewelry or other item down your bathroom drain, do not turn on the water and contact us right away. We have specialty tools that will more than likely be able to recover the item.

Floor drains are imperative to avoiding a flooding situation in rooms that are at risk. Most laundry rooms, basements, garages and sometimes bathrooms are equipped with a floor drain to rid your rooms of water should an unexpected amount be deposited there. When they are not cleaned regularly, your floors, carpets and possessions are all in danger of being damaged